We do Big things with Water!

35 years of hands-on experience.


We have 35 years hands-on experience in delivering very small to very large projects. We bring a wide range of skills in your water project. We have access to great products and people, and a proven track record in successful delivery of water services.

We Do Water!

We do anything with water. We take your vision and turn it into reality. We do the whole package. No job is too big or too small...

Effluent and Waste Water

Compliance, collection, processing, storage, mixing, pumping, reticulation and irrigation...


We can support all types of irrigation systems, like hard hose irrigation, drip-line systems and mister systems...

Rural Water

Abstraction and Collection, treatment, storage, pumping, and reticulation of stock water, erosion control and more...

how we work!

Agwater is a small company and we plan to stay small. It keeps us close to what matters and free to adapt to what you need. We are mobile and will work all over the North Island. We are a family business.

no job to big or small...

  • Permits, Consents, and Compliance
  • Compliance Monitoring
    • Flow-meters
    • Bore levels
    • Water quality
    • System performance
    • Weather
    • Soil moisture and temperature
    • Crop production
  • Abatement mitigation
  • ‘Warrant of Fitness’ Assessments
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Engineering and Management
    • GPS survey
    • Theodolite Survey
    • Farm Mapping
    • Orchard Mapping
    • Engineering
      • Civil
      • Mechanical
      • Water Services
      • Electrical and Control
    • Permits and consents
    • Tendering and contract
    • Procurement
    • Health and safety
  • Quality control and commissioning
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Management Planning
  • Water Services
    • Irrigation
    • Farm Dairy Effluent
    • Stock Water
    • Domestic and Community water
    • Industrial wastewater disposal
    • Community, town, and city wastewater disposal
    • Brigade Supply
    • Pumping
    • Pipelines and reticulation
    • Water Storage
      • Tanks up to 2,500,000 litres
      • Ponds
      • Dam reservoirs
    • Water Treatment
    • Bore Water Systems
    • Surface Water Systems
    • And more…

What we do

We are a small company that can do big things with water using systems that are proven that give you the right results.

If you are looking to change what you have currently or need repairs to existing systems or simply looking at a new enterprise that involves water we can help.

We can make water do anything you require it to do. We take your vision and turn it into reality. We have the total package, with the right solutions. 

No job is too big or too small.

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