Our System

Small team, but big on reputation.

How we work

Agwater is a small company and we plan to stay small. It keeps us close to what matters and free to adapt to what you need. We are mobile and will work all over the North Island. We are a family business.

We spread our time between the office and the field. Our hands-on attitude means that you can find us in the office doing the paperwork, in the workshop prefabricating components, out on the farm GPS mapping and setting out, supervising work gangs and trades, and out in the field installing or servicing your system. Whatever it takes.

We like to select the best product or service provider for your specific requirements.  We have supply agreements with most recognised suppliers in the industry and are to free to choose the best option for you. We either use your preferred service provider, or we can introduce you to some of ours.

Water is a precious resource and its use is controlled in NZ by the Resource Management Act. We figure out where to get the water, how much you need, and compliance requirements to use the water.

Using preliminary designs we evaluate the project feasibility and provide options and cost-benefit analysis that you can take to your stakeholders.

When you are ready to go we can draw up for construction designs and costings, assemble the project team and deliver the system.

When it is all up and running we like to keep an eye on things under our warranty and beyond. We can arrange for, or provide service and maintenance support as you require.

No rural water project is ever the same and that’s the way we like it. 

Looking for the right team?

Look no further, Agwater are waiting to hear from you.